Temporary Closure

Temporary Closure Announcement:

Under Executive Order by the State of Colorado, we will be following the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” mandate by closing our salon through April 30, 2020. We look forward to serving you again soon. 

Stay safe and stay strong!

We miss you!

The Hair Lounge Team

At home tips:

Hello Hair Lounge Guests, we have received numerous calls about how to cover the gray during this time. Here are a few options our stylists have suggested:

  1. Aveda dry shampoo with added eyeshadow, use blush or face powder for blonde, light brown and red hair. Mix in a bowl and apply with big or small brush depending on the coverage area. Aveda Dry shampoo also creates volume and extends time in between shampoos.
  2. Walmart, King Soopers and Safeway have powdered gray coverage products, available in stores in multiple colors (according to our research these are still available at this time)
  3. Amazon has a wider variety of temporary gray coverage in different forms, such as sprays, gels, and powders and multiple colors as well. 

For clients with few gray hairs our stylists recommend using the gel products or powders, these products allow you to specifically target the most noticeable hairs you wish to conceal. For our clients with all over gray and visible roots our stylists recommend the spray form of these products. These sprays can cover a wider area of the visible roots while maintaining volume and coverage for the area. The aerosol spray also allows for easy application to the larger area. 

Tips for Hiding Dark Roots

  1. Grab the scarf.
  2. Go for volume.
  3. Go for the undefined part.
  4. Use a root spray.
  5. Use a root gel.
  6. Use a root powder.
  7. Rock accessories.
  8. A sleek bun.
  9. Try a fishhook braid.
  10. Create a voluminous ponytail.
  11. Hat time.

We urge you not to purchase any box or permanent hair color, these can create a larger problem in the long run rather than fixing the immediate issue. 

You can order product online though our  Aveda page,  We are offering 20% of all liters and free shipping on all orders.

You can also purchase a gift card through our website through this link Gift Cards

Stay safe and stay strong, 

The Hair Lounge Team